Structural formula of 12(Z),​15(Z)-​Heneicosadienoic acid

12(Z),​15(Z)-​Heneicosadienoic acid

Product number: 10-2102
CAS number: 191545-08-1
Synonyms: cis-12​,15-​Heneicosadienoic acid; (Z,Z)-​Heneicosa-12,15-dienoic acid; (12Z,15Z)-Henicosa-12,15-dienoic acid; 12,15-Henicosadienoic acid; 12​,15-​Heneicosadienoic acid

Product information

Documentation: Certificate of Analysis
Purity: >99%
Storage: Freezer
Supplied as: Neat
Molecular formula: C21H38O2
Molecular weight: 322.53
Physical state: Liquid
Lipid number: C21:2
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10-2102-712(Z),​15(Z)-​Heneicosadienoic acid - 25 mg207.00
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