Larodan was founded in 1963, as part of a Swedish food oils group that needed reference standards for its own manufacture. In 1990, the business was spun-off to private ownership. In 2020, Larodan was acquired by ABITEC Corporation.

Our labs are located at the Karolinska Institute campus in Stockholm, Sweden. The Karolinska Institute is an excellent research institution with a strong tradition in lipid research. We benefit from this not only through several very important customer relations and a few research collaborations, but also as a good source for future colleagues as we expand our work force.

Our company consists of a team of primarily organic chemists. Working at Larodan requires a genuine and long-term interest in chemistry. Our most senior employee entered the Karolinska Institute the first time as a student in the 1960’s, and he still shows up to work there every day. The team is divided into a manufacturing department and a customer service office. We also have a sales and marketing office in the US.

Larodan is a Swedish limited liability corporation, registered with the Swedish Companies Registration Office. We are registered for VAT and other taxes with the Swedish Tax Authority. We have been profitable for several decades and have an excellent credit rating.

Our Stockholm headquarters is located in Karolinska Institutet, a hub for education and research in medicine and health sciences.

Registered address:
Larodan AB, Retzius väg 8,
SE-17165 SOLNA,

Corporate Identity Number:

VAT number: