Standard chemical purity of our products is a minimum of 99%.

As a standard our products are supplied as neat, which can be either as a powder or an oil. We can also provide products in a ready solution, and we can accommodate a broad variety of suitable solvents. For many applications, the absence of water content is essential. Many lipids (such as tri-acylglycerols) will be naturally dry, since they are strictly hydrophobic. Amphiphilic lipids (such as phospholipids) may need special drying procedures.


For most of our products we offer several suitable sizes. Common fatty acids may come in a size range from hundreds of milligrams to single grams, whereas oxidized fatty acids may come in ranges from tens of micrograms to single milligrams. Common tri-acylglycerols and phospholipids may be offered in as much as tens of grams. However, we can always deliver in custom sizes to suit individual customer needs.

Certificate of analysis

All products come with a certificate of analysis (CoA). Chemical purity is always determined. Which analytical method is used depends on the compound. TLC, GC, HPLC, GC-MS, and LC-MS are all useful in the analysis of the different types of lipid compounds. Material safety data sheets (MSDS) are also provided for all compounds.


Many lipids (such as saturated fatty acids) are quite chemically stable over time and are quite resilient to light and temperature fluctuations. Other compounds (such as oxidized fatty acids) are quite the opposite and require storage and transport at low temperatures. As a general rule, all compounds benefit from being shipped and stored without exposure to light. As for temperature, though, there is reason to discrimate between different types of compounds. In our catalog, we note which compounds will tolerate room temperature, which need storage in a freezer (-20°C) and shipment on “blue ice”, and which require storage in an ultra-freezer (-80°C) and shipment on dry ice.

Finished product is dispensed into clear glass vials that are either weld-sealed or has sealed with a screw cap. Freight packaging ensures shock protection and temperature control, while at the same times aims to minimize paper and plastics used as well as freight of unnecessary weight and volume.

Worldwide shipping

We ship products (almost) all over the world. Therefore, we have accumulated much valuable experience in dealing with customs authorities over the years. However, we have also discovered that there is always more to learn, which is why we have developed skills to meet new and unique situations with special documentation and information.