EJTEM­M2018 on December 12-14 in Helsinki, Finland


EJTEMM2018. Larodan will sponsor and participate in THE 6TH EUROPEAN JOINT THE­OR­ET­ICAL/ EX­PER­I­MENTAL MEETING ON MEM­BRANES on 24th and 25th of December. 

EJTEMM2018 at the University of Helsinki is an interdisciplinary meeting, which will gather together both experimentalists and theoreticians, mainly from Europe. Its main aim is to enable the exchange of information, discussion, and presentation of results related to lipid membrane based systems, namely: investigating the structural, dynamic and functional aspects of biomembranes and their models using experimental, computational and theoretical approaches. The goal of the sixth EJTEMM meeting, as with the previous five meetings, is to strengthen links between groups and promote better understanding between experimentalists and theoreticians. The scientific programme will include both oral and poster presentations and a significant amount of time will be devoted to discussions.

For further information please visit: https://www.helsinki.fi/en/conferences/6th-european-joint-theoretical-experimental-meeting-on-membranes

You are more than welcome to come and speak with us during the event and we hope to establish new relations and connections during the course of the two days we are in Helsinki. For further information about our products visit: Our Lipids or Shop