Gordon Research Seminars | Spatiotemporal Regulation of the Lipidome – July 28 to Aug. 2, 2019


Larodan will be attending the Gordon Research Conference on Spatiotemporal Regulation of the Lipidome from July 28  to August 2, 2019 in Waterville Valley, NH. 

The 2019 Molecular and Cellular Biology of Lipids Gordon Research Conference and Seminar will provide a forum for scientists to present and discuss their most recent discoveries in lipid biology and metabolism. A focus on the “Spatiotemporal Regulation of the Lipidome” reflects the remarkable complexity and vibrant plasticity of lipid molecules within living systems. Membranes and their lipid components are constantly remodeled at specific locations within cells during normal metabolism and in response to changes in their environment. Many signaling events are mediated by lipid molecules or their metabolites. Organismal energy needs are in constant flux and meeting these needs depends on changes in lipid metabolism at the cellular level and across multiple organ systems. Leading causes of death worldwide, including heart disease, diabetes, and cancer, have strong lipid components to their pathologies. Topics emphasized in the nine plenary sessions of this meeting include signal transduction through sphingolipids and phosphoinositides, the dynamic distribution of lipids within and between various membranes or lipid droplets, the impact of lipids on membrane properties, metabolism of fatty acids and sterols at the cellular and organismal level, lipid links to energy metabolism, and the involvement of lipids in disease processes. An outstanding group of invited speakers will anchor the plenary sessions, and 14 of the 36 talks will be chosen from the submitted abstracts to capture the most recent cutting-edge science. Poster sessions each day provide a great setting for discussion and feedback on emerging discoveries for all attendees. This conference seeks to attract scientists from across all subdisciplines of lipid research to provide a synergistic cross-fertilization of ideas and concepts. In addition, the beautiful setting within the White Mountain National Forest and abundant opportunities for outdoor activities provide an enjoyable environment for informal discussions. These interactions should accelerate the pace of groundbreaking discoveries in an area of science with tremendous impact on human health.

Please reach out to us if you plan on attending – we would love to see you there!

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