NanoSizer MINI Extruders

World’s first fully assembled, and low dead volume liposome, lipid, and polymer extruders: Faster, Cleaner, Easier, Cheaper, and Contamination-free. NanoSizer is the world’s first fully assembled liposome extrusion systems. The fully-assembled feature of these extruders allows researchers to save a significant amount of time of assembly. NanoSizer extruders provide researchers and developers with contamination-free liposome extrusion systems with no need for cleaning harsh biological materials and molecules which can carry from batch to batch. The low dead-volume and leak-proof character of these extruders greatly prevent the loss of precious lipid or other nano- or micro-particle solutions. Also, you can make the entire process of extrusion fully automated by NanoSizer AUTO technologies, whether you like to extrude 1mL or 300L.

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