Sphingomyelin (bovine brain)

Product number: 56-1080
CAS number: 85187-10-6
Synonyms: Sphingomyelin, Phosphatides, sphingosine-contg., Milk Ceramide 4G, Ceramide BT, Ceramides, 1-(dihydrogen phosphates), monoesters with choline hydroxide, inner salts, Phosphingosides


CAS Index Name: Sphingomyelins
Molecular formula: Unspecified
Molecular weight: N/A

Product information

Purity: >98%
Storage: Freezer
Supplied as: Neat
Physical state: Solid
Documentation: Certificate of Analysis
MSDS: Download

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56-1080-11Sphingomyelin (bovine brain) - 250 mg
56-1080-13Sphingomyelin (bovine brain) - 1 g
56-1080-7Sphingomyelin (bovine brain) - 25 mg110.00
56-1080-9Sphingomyelin (bovine brain) - 100 mg225.00