Structural formula of Hexadecanoyl-D-Carnitine HCl salt

Hexadecanoyl-D-Carnitine HCl salt

Product number: 17-1610
CAS number: 28330-02-1
Synonyms: Palmitoyl-D-Carnitine HCl; Palmitoyl-D-Carnitine

Product information

Documentation: Certificate of Analysis
Purity: >98%
Storage: Freezer
Supplied as: Neat
Smiles: [Cl-].CCCCCCCCCCCCCCCC(=O)O[C@@H](CC(=O)[O-])C[N+](C)(C)C
Molecular formula: C23H46NO4.Cl
Molecular weight: 436.06
Physical state: Solid
Lipid number: C16:0 D-Carnitine
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