Digamma linolenin

Product number: 32-1835
CAS number: 372516-95-5


CAS Index Name: 6,9,12-Octadecatrienoic acid, diester with 1,2,3-propanetriol, (6Z,6′Z,9Z,9′Z,12Z,12′Z)-
Molecular formula: C39H64O5
Molecular weight: 612.92
Lipid number: DG 18:3

Product information

Purity: >99%
Storage: Freezer
Supplied as: Neat
Physical state: Liquid
Documentation: Certificate of Analysis
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32-1835-11Digamma linolenin - 250 mg332.00
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32-1835-7Digamma linolenin - 25 mg100.00