Structural formula of 1-Palmitin-2-Olein-3-Linolein


Product number: 34-3012
CAS number: 2680-59-3
Synonyms: 1-Palmitate-2-Oleate-3-Linoleate-Glycerol

Product information

Documentation: Certificate of Analysis
Purity: >98%
Storage: Freezer
Supplied as: Neat
Molecular formula: C55H100O6
Molecular weight: 857.38
Physical state: Liquid
Lipid number: TG (16:0/18:1/18:2)
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34-3012-01-Palmitin-2-Olein-3-Linolein - mg
34-3012-71-Palmitin-2-Olein-3-Linolein - 25 mg220.00
34-3012-91-Palmitin-2-Olein-3-Linolein - 100 mg600.00
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