New distribution partners

Larodan International Distribution Partners

During 2018, Larodan has partnered with a number of highly competent and reputable international distribution partners throughout the world. Our new network of distribution partners will further improve the level of service to our customers.

For further information regarding your local market, please click the map or refer to the Distribution partners section under the Contact menu. 

Larodan opens US office

Larodan has established its US office in Michigan with Seth Huff as responsible


Larodan now has a permanent representation in the United States. Our local US office is set up in Michigan. Seth Huff has joined Larodan to assume responsibility for the US office. Seth Huff has a background in organic chemistry and has worked with regulatory affairs, quality management, and customer service. We now look forward to providing even better service to our customers and distribution partners in the US and Canada. Whatever your needs may be in the field of research grade lipids, you can reach us through, or as previously on


Phospholipids Update

We have now updated our PHOSPHOLIPIDS assortment.

Larodan offers both natural and synthetic phospholipids with high purity in mg up to kg scale. All products come with a certificate of analysis and we guarantee a purity of above 98% for synthetic products and above 96% for natural products.


The NATURAL products include:

  • Egg: PC, LPC, PG, PE, SM, PA
  • Soybean: PC, LPC, PE, PA, PS
  • Sunflower: PC, LPC

For a full product listing, please visit our SHOP.

Read the brief introduction to our phospholipids HERE.

In addition, we provide custom made and labeled phospholipids. Please, feel free to CONTACT us at any time.

Technical sales and marketing coordinator

We are now looking for a technical sales and marketing coordinator to interact with our international customers. You will be involved in everything from marketing our products to ordering goods from our suppliers. You may have a background in some form of technical sales or order administration. Alternatively, you may be a recently graduated chemist or engineer. Or you may have some other exciting background. More than anything we are looking for a positive attitude and a curious personality.For an application or further enquiries, please contact Fredrik Lindgren, managing director,

Synthesis chemist

We are now looking for a qualified synthesis chemist to our team, to manufacture our existing products and develop new ones. You may have your background in product development or chemical manufacture. You may have experience from the synthesis of pharmaceuticals or fine chemicals in general, or even from lipids. Or you may have some other exciting background. More than anything we are looking for a positive attitude and a curious personality. For an application or further enquiries, please contact Calle Arevång, operations director,